You will find frequently asked questions about our homes and condos below:

Q. What time is check in?

A. Check in is 3:00 pm

The housekeeping agency might have difficulty having the property available earlier than 4:00 pm due to their busy schedule. You are welcome to check the property at 3:00 pm to see if the property is ready for your use. 


Q. What time is check out?

A. Check out time is 11:00 am  - Adherence to this time is very important in order to have the unit ready for the next guest.


Q. Are pets allowed at your homes or condos?

A. We do NOT allow pets at our homes, we allowed pets our first year of renting and consequently developed a severe flea infestation that was a nuisance to our guests until we were able to get the situation under control. Fleas can be picked up easily at the beach. The problem is created by sand fleas located at the beach. The Home Owners Association strictly prohibit pets be allowed by guests. 


Q. Is smoking allowed on the balconies?

A. Yes, smoking is allowed on the balconies. We do not recommend smoking on the balconies. Our previous cushions had to be discarded due to ash burns caused by cigarette ash burning the cushions due to the high winds. We absolutely DO NOT allow smoking in the homes or condos. Please discard cigarette butts appropriately and NOT on the balcony floors, parking areas nor landscape grounds.  Please be considerate and DO NOT leave containers filled with cigarette butts to be disposed by the next guests checking in. 


Q. Is there a maximum number of people allowed?

A. Yes, Each property is set up to sleep a defined number of people. If you need to exceed the sleeping capacity due to small children, please ask.


We do NOT allow large group parties that will be a disturbance to the community. Our neighbors enjoyment of their homes or condos is important to us. We have asked our neighbors to contact us and the police if they are being disturbed by our guests.


Q. What is the allowable parking spaces for the condos? Are we required to have parking tags?

A. The condos do not have parking spaces allocated. Parking tags are necessary and there is currently a cost of $20/vehicle for your entire stay. Please ask if you intend or want to bring a trailer. Trailers are allowed during the Lone Star Rally, otherwise permission has to be obtained from the manager.  


Q. How many vehicles can be parked at the beach homes?

A. Four (4) medium size vehicles can be easily parked at each beach home, parking is not allowed anywhere except for each homes allotted parking space. One lane on either side of the stairs is assigned to each home. 


Q. Are linen, bed sheets, comforters provided?

A. Yes, all of our properties have bed linen, towels, bed sheets and blankets for your stay. We also provide cooking and eating utensils as well as appliances needed to make the place your "home away from home".


Q. Are there Barbeque Grills available?

A. The beach homes each have a medium size, charcoal BBQ grill located in the storage unit. The storage unit is locked and located on the ground level and can be used to secure your fishing equipment, bicycles, etc. City ordinance prohibits use of a BBQ grill within 10 ' of the building and grills are not allowed on balconies.


A. The Condo complex has BBQ grills available on the grounds by one of the swimming pools and to the left of the drive thru entrance gate.


Q. How close are the properties to Pleasure Pier and The Historic District for shopping?

A. Condos: The Historic District at the Strand - 4.68 miles; The Pleasure Pier - 3.27 miles; Moody Garden; 1 mile

A. Beach homes The Historic District located at the Strand - 15 miles; The Pleasure Pier 14 miles: Moody Garden; 11.58 miles


Q. What is the square footage of each property?

A. Below is square footage of each property:

CONDO - Docs Quarters @ the Seawall: 1116 sq. ft. - 2 bedroom, 2 full bathrooms; sleeps 7

CONDO - Docs Quarters @ the Dawn: 1140 sq. ft. - 2 bedroom, 2 full bathrooms;sleeps 7

CONDO - Docs Quarters @ the Ocean: 825 sq. ft. - 1 bedroom, 1 full bathroom;sleeps 4

CONDO - Docs Quarters near Moody Gardens: 1116 sq.ft - 2 bedroom, 2 full bathrooms; sleeps 6

BEACH HOME - Docs Quarters @ Karankawa: 1314 sq. ft. - 2 bedroom; 3 full bathrooms;sleeps 8

BEACH HOME - Docs Quarters @ the Beach: 1414 sq. ft. -   3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms; sleeps 9


Q. Is there an age limit for renting your properties?

A. Renter must be an adult, 25 years or older, and will be an occupant of the unit during the entire reserved period. Other occupants will be family members, friends or responsible adults. Use of the premises will be denied to persons not falling within the foregoing categories, and as a result they would have to vacate the property immediately without any refund.  


The condition of our properties is very important to us. Therefore, we only want to rent to responsible adults who will treat our properties with the same care as their own home. Please let us know if you see any problems that need to be brought to our attention.


We will not rent to vacationing students or singles under 25 years of age unless accompanied by a responsible adult guardian or parent. Our home is provided for the enjoyment of the guests identified on the request form.


Q. What if there is damage to the home that was present when we arrived, will we be held accountable?

A. We expect our guests to inform us immediately upon arrival of any damage found to the property.  If our guests do not notify us by phone call, text or email at time of arrival it is assumed that no damage existed at the time of arrival.


If you have purchased the owners damage waiver protection, it limits your monetary responsibility for damages under normal use of the property up to $300. The owners damage waiver protection is limited to the interior of the beach homes or condos.


We ask our guests to notify us of any problems or potential problems with the properties. This information is helpful so that we can have the properties in the best possible condition for the next guests enjoyment. 


We are aware that appliances can malfunction or stop working, please let us know as soon as possible for quick repairs for your use and in consideration of the next guests.


The owners damage waiver protection DOES NOT provide coverage for reckless use to the inside of the properties. It also DOES NOT cover damages to the exterior of the properties or landscaping which belongs to the Association.


We will expect that you will care for our home as if it was your own. Thank you in advance!