Doc and Yolanda Lonsford


Yolanda - cell - 281-703-4645 or cell 713-878-1565  (Phones; will receive text and email messages; prefer email)


Alternate contact - Doc's cell - 281-923-5980


Doc and I bought our 3 bedroom; 3 full bathroom beach home in December of 2007 as a venture for me to be able to retire from teaching. We named our first beach home Docs Quarters @ the Beach because it is only a 2 minute walk to the beach. 


My husband is a Veterinarian practicing in Deer Park,Texas so consequently we thought Docs Quarters would be a justifiable name. We also have two of our children that are doctors, so the "Docs" started out as a plural format until we just removed the apostrophe completely.


I am a Registered Nurse currently retired from teaching at San Jacinto College Nursing Program located in Pasadena, Texas. I still continue to practice nursing as a home health infusion nurse.




We were successfully renting DOCS QUARTERS @ THE BEACH as a vacation rental and I was enjoying meeting and greeting guests until . . Hurricane Ike landed on Galveston, Island in September 2008.


Needless to say, the economy was devastated for a little over a year due to Ike's devastation to the island. I personally had never seen anything like what I saw on the island and surrounding community. Large boats and yachts strewn all along Highway 45 and beyond. It was like a bomb had blown up the island! The beautiful century old trees that lined the main road coming into Galveston were gone.


Our beach townhome and area homes lost all their landscaping. We also lost our storage units due to the ocean surge. The front row homes had water lapping under their homes and their septic systems were left exposed. Miraculously our beach home had minor damage to the interior. Most of the home's damage occurred to the landscaping due to the ocean surge coming almost to the elevated front door.


The fantastic leaders in Galveston and especially the citizens of Houston and surrounding areas helped Galveston recover by continuing to support the economy of local merchants. There was very little activity on the island until the first Spring Break! It was then that we knew the island was on its way to full recovery!  All the island natives who normally hate the traffic that tourists bring to the island were ever so happy to see the tourists return!


Wanting to expand my business, I decided to purchase another property. We decided to buy a condo in the Dawn condominium complex located along the Seawall. The landscaping on the grounds was exceptionally nice and the condos we found to be spacious and definitely NOT tiny like many of the other island condos and so we bought Docs Quarters # 2. We named our second condo, Docs Quarters @ the Seawall. I spared no expense to make the condo luxurious and child friendly!


The beach home next to Docs Quarters @ the Beach came up  "for sale" so we decided to purchase that home so that our guests could invite their friends or extended family to vacation with them at the beach. We, Lonsfords, are all about family! And so therefore, Docs Quarters @ Karankawa came to fruition.


Then about a year later, I heard of a condo that was a foreclosure at the Dawn Condominiums and when I saw the ocean view from its balcony, I knew it would be a winner with our returning guests! As you might guess. . .we got into a bidding frenzy but we prevailed and hence, Docs Quarters @ the Dawn! 


In October 2014, I decided to provide an economically priced condo for a small family or a vacationing couple. Doc an I subsequently purchased a 1 bedroom condo at the Dawn Condominiums. We named this condo, Docs Quarters @ the Ocean!


We are convinced it will be a perfect fit for a small family wanting a spacious place for an amazing "home away from home" island experience or for the vacationing couple wanting a honeymoon experience!   


The view of the ocean from the balconies of all of our properties are amazing, I also decorated  to convey a sense of being in a luxurious resort. Our guest reviews are fantastic and so I am reassured that we are doing a great job!


We are certain you and your family will find the perfect place at one of our Docs Quarters beach homes or condos when you vacation on Galveston island.  The ocean views from all of our properties are amazing. That was, of course, my major criteria when purchasing our properties.

Docs Quarters near Kemah is a spacious apartment located above our garage in La Porte, Texas and is only a 15 - 20 minute drive to Kemah Boardwalk and Nasa Space Center. The view of the bay is amazing as you watch the ships coming and going to the Houston Port. Fishing at the pier is also a must for a relaxing time. Sylvan Beach is about a 5 minute drive and is a small public city beach in La Porte, Texas.